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Suraj Kumar Jain

Suraj Kumar Jain is known for his visionary, hard worker, self-motivated, and passion towards his job, duty, and achievement of desire goals in life. He drives a passionate team with experience of more than 30 years of corporates, including garments, jewelry, and the bakery industry. He has a good vision of providing 100%veg bakes and cakes, without eggs, even though no garlic, onion, and potato can be used. He has strongly believed that most people will like it and he relates to the pure Jain family so, he started this manufacturing unit of Jain cakes and bakes with his past precious experience about two and half years ago. His dream is to get 100% Jain products across PAN India. Currently, he owns Founder and chief executive officer with more than 15 branches in 4 states. His team is doing great and expecting more than 50 stores during till the last financial year of 2021-2022

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar- a versatile marketer, old banker, corporate seller and finally taking care of entire end to end operation of such a huge factory, their premice, where more than 80 products manufactured by an automatic machinery process, invention and maintenance of products quality, the quantity of each box with details and the barcode, logistics and supply chain management with the standard procedure of packaging, finished goods storage, etc. all activities control and maintain by himself. Since, it’s a renowned brand -Jain cakes and bakes”, so, it’s hygiene and maintenance of each product taste, gradually improving business and quality, is not a cup of tea for everyone. He put his past 20 years of experience and still keeps eyes on “what’s next.”He spent more than 13 hours every day to make and now retain a brand name-” Jaincakesnbakes. Com” that’s why it’s a pure-veg cake and bakes company. Truly it’s the best cakes and bakes firm in Bangalore.

Rajesh Kumar Jain

Rajesh Kumar Jain- carrying an experience of 17years of sales and marketing in South India. He has a great experience of mobile, jewelry, and bakery almost equal times of all. He used to sell goods to different big brands of bakes and cakes companies across the southern part of India. After 7 years of successive experience in the same fields, he takes care of sales and marketing of such a famous brand of bakes and cakes. Selling of any finished stuff and keep improvise the sales is showing a victory sign to the company.

Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar- people know as the famous business activist, which has a glorious 26 years of experience in building and constructions with top MNC, Government projects, and Corporate clients. He completed more than 50 lakhs square meters of jobs across PAN India. He is Extreme most Ambitious, Visionaire best motivator sounds in wealth and wiseness. That’s why known for most successful in life. He didn’t stop yet here, world trading, brand diversifying, investing in startups, values innovating ideas, etc. are hobbies and cup of tea for him. His dedication towards employees, stakeholders, Distributors, dealers, logistics partners and keep searching innovation and upcoming items commonly make this firm effective and impactful. He always comes ahead to maintain a Workoholic culture and valuing each and everyone’s need and their fulfillment. That’s why we all together made trusted cakes and bakes company in Bangalore.

Consequently, the Journey of the best brand of cakes, eggless cakes, eggless cookies, eggless bakes to a famous brand of cakes has been achieved within 3 years of hardcore effort by all the teammates. What a passion, what a commitment in this age group. Everyone re-changes and re-energizes to each other and calibrates spirit to always be in no.1 cakes company in South India.

Good luck guys!!!